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New Family & Friend Tradition

By August 13, 2012Blog

The Doughy Maker evolved from a long family camping tradition of sitting around a campfire, laughing, talking,  and roasting marshmallows.  One day a few years ago, we started roasting dough one by one on a stick over the fire, coating it with butter when it was golden brown, and then rolling it in a cinnamon and sugar mixture. However, cooking these treats one at a time for kids and their cousins took the whole night and got old in a hurry.  There had to be a better way to cook Doughies.

That’s when the Doughy Maker pan was born.  With the Doughy Maker, we now cook 10 at once, and sometimes even have two pans cooking at the same time.  Since then, Doughies have evolved into a wonderful tradition with family and friends.  Really, there are few things in life better than sitting around a nice fire with family or friends and enjoying a batch of Doughies, or two, or three, or ten.   They are so good in the mountains, at the beach, or wherever you choose to picnic. We rarely even cook marshmallows anymore, they have been almost completely replaced by Doughies.

Try these babies in your own family or with a group of your friends.   Then please, let us know what you think.