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Hamburger Popper Doughies

By June 21, 2014Recipes
Hamburger Popper Doughies

Hamburgers are one of the favorites around the campfire or grilling in the backyard.  If you’re a burger person, you’ll love this recipe for Hamburger Popper Doughies.


  • Pop-open Biscuits
  • 1 pound of hamburger
  • Grate some of your favorite cheese or cut it into small pieces


Cook up a pound of hamburger.

Grate some of your favorite cheese or cut it into small pieces.  The more savory the better, like sharp cheddar or pepper jack.

Flatten out the dough you’re using by pinching it lightly between your fingers or pressing it gently in your palms.

Once the dough is flat, place a few drops of mustard and a few drops of ketchup (however much you like) on the center of the dough.

Place a tablespoon of hamburger on the center of the piece of dough on top of the ketchup and mustard.  Place desired amount of cheese on top of the hamburger.

Pull edges of dough up and around the hamburger and the cheese and pinch it together all around so that the hamburger and the cheese are sealed inside the dough. Make sure you pinch the dough together good so it doesn’t leak when the cheese melts.  Then place the uncooked Doughies in your Doughy Maker.

Cook Doughies over your fire, grill, or camp stove for 3-4 min rotating every 8-10 seconds, until golden brown.

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