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Doughy Love Letters

By January 2, 2014 Blog 5 Comments


Doughy Makers are now shipping.   We’d Love to hear about your adventures and fun experiences with your Doughy Maker. Comment below and let us know how much you love your Doughy Maker, or maybe even something we could do to improve it!

We’d also love to hear about your Doughy experiments.  What new flavor combinations have you come up with.  What is your favorite Doughy? – Cinnamon and Sugar, Jalapeño Cream Cheese? Some other strange combination?


  • Carol Tanner says:

    We have enjoyed Doughies with the Cooleys. I can’t wait until ours arrives. We love them. We will use the Doughey Maker at home around our fire bowl and when we camp. Every person that enjoys sitting around a fire cooking a yummy treat should have a Doughey Maker! Every camping kit should have a Doughey Maker in it.

  • Dave Webb says:

    I LOVE DOUGHIES! On one of our first camping trip with Cooleys, I remember the moment when the Doughies came out. THEY ARE THAT GOOD! Something different around the campfire, easy to make, and SO delicious. This is an inexpensive and indispensable part of our camping supplies. You gotta get one of these things!

  • Daniel Willey says:

    Doughies are my new favorite treat. They are perfect for camping and they are fun snacks to eat with friends. My friends and I decided to grab a few cases of dough, then spent hours around the campfire having fun and trying out all sorts of new, delicious recipes. Thank you Doughy Maker!

  • Kas McGonegal says:

    I heart the doughy maker. My favorite of all time is doughy stuffed with cream cheese and jalepeno!! Great camping trip/bbq/backpacking meal idea. SOOOO GOOOOD! Words can not do the doughy maker justice! I strongly feel that every one needs to discover all the greatness it has to offer.
    The doughy maker will change your entire outlook on outdoor cooking. For serious. Such a great idea.
    Much Mahalos Doughy Maker.

  • Russell Jasperson says:

    Doughies are amazing! Last weekend, I headed up Provo Canyon with friends and a couple doughy makers. It was so fun to introduce them to a new campfire treat, as the majority of them hadn’t tried them before. There were a little over 20 people who tried a doughy for the first time and they all loved them and asked how they could get their hands on a doughy maker. Everyone should have one, they’re spectacular!

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